The Gulf Crisis…

As many of you know, I spend (or try to spend) a good bit of my time pursuing life in the Great Outdoors. Yes, I’m a techie and gadget geek too, but there’s something soothing to the soul that you get from quality time spent out enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer that you just can’t get from playing Netflix on the Xbox. To watch the rhythm of the world around you play out, the ebb and flow of waves, currents drawing flotsam and jetsam into their grasp and away, birds dancing in the air…that’s magic that can’t be replaced by anything.

So, in the context of my appreciation for the Great Outdoors, I have watched with growing discontent the coverage of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – wondered at the individual agendas being played by the parties involved, and then wondered if *anyone* really knows that’s happening. The latest reports coming out have folks in charge not being able to find oil to clean, yet a reporter jumps into a single engine plane with a conservationist, flies less than 10 miles off Port Fourchon, Louisiana and finds ribbons of oil in the water, close to an island.

Ok, I know it’s just one bit of oil, but if they’re reporting they can’t find oil but one pilot and a reporter can fly out, in the area that they should be looking and find some – well – isn’t that just wrong?

I don’t like to carp and moan, but I genuinely wonder at what’s happening Out There – and I’m not using wonder in the “child staring at the glimmering lights of the Christmas tree” way either.

And now – an image; thousands of Americans work on oil platforms every day, and commonly arrive at their workplace via helicopter. This shot was taken offshore not too far from Port Fourchon.

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