Move away from the border

Yep – that’s the ticket.

Move away from the border.

It seems that many American have somehow come to think of all of Mexico as the battleground for the “drug war.”

This simply isn’t so.

The type of violence you see on the news is limited primarily to the border communities, but somehow people have come to think of the goings-on at the border with the whole of Mexico – and that’s just wrong.

It’s as wrong as Mexicans seeing reports of border violence and thinking that’s how life is across America.

And that’s the point of this post; we should look past the border, and experience all that Mexico has to offer.

I spent almost a week and a half in Sinaloa recently. Part of the trip there was spent near Lake Mateos, at Billy Chapman’s Angler’s Inn ( ), and part at his El Salto lodge. Amazing hospitality and service, and the facilities equaled the service. After time in the heart of Mexico we moved to the coast, to Mazatlan. Again – amazing what we experienced while there; the setting and the lodging were extraordinary by any standard.

Did I feel threatened while there? No

Anxious? No

See *any* violence at all? No

So – there are some great deals going to Mexico right now – and some great deals on food and lodging too.

Why not give Mexico another look? I think you’ll be pleased if you do.

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