When it’s hot, it’s hot…

A truism, no doubt about it, but not just a trite saying.

I suspect most of the folks reading this have no real concept of genuine hard labor; toiling away in the brutal heat of a late summer Texas day, the heat so oppressive you can feel its weight upon your chest. It’s in that vein I make this post; consider the laborer, the blue collar craftsman, who immerses himself fully into his daily work to bring us things of beauty.

These are people I admire – greatly.

I visited Ross Metal Works the end of last week, and found myself enthralled by the sight of people creating gorgeous pieces of decorative metal works out of pieces of steel. To hear the crack of the welder being touched off, the high-pitched rasp of a grinder smoothing bits of rough metal, to smell the heated steel as it was pounded into shape – the simple things, that probably seem lost to most people, were all combining in the shop to create an industrial orchestra that accompanied the visuals to which I was being treated.

I know most of you will never get the chance to see anything like this, so I’d invite you to peruse the “RossMetalWorks” gallery for a look into the world of the metal working craftsman there. Also, pay them a visit at www.RossMetalWorks.com and see some of the amazing pieces they offer, and give ’em a call if you’re ever in the market for an upgrade to your front door, or need burglar bars that you can actually unlock from the inside, and escape the house if it’s on fire!

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